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In subsequent writings of Rousseau proceeds to create a coherent socio-political doctrine. The most complete support she received in treatise "On the Social Contract, or Principles of political rights" and in the historical essay "Discourse on the origin and cause of the inequality between people. "

In his socio-political doctrines of Rousseau proceeded, like many other philosophers of the XVIII century., from representations of the natural (dogosudarstvennom) condition.His interpretation of the natural state, however, significantly differed from its predecessors. Error philosophers, Rousseau wrote, referring to Hobbes and Locke, was that "they are talking about a wild man, but depicted a man in civilian status. "It would also be a mistake assume that the natural state once existed at the case. We must take it as merely a hypothesis, promotes better understanding of human pointing thinker. Subsequently, this interpretation initial phase of human history called the hypothetical natural state.

As described by Rousseau's first people lived like animals. Their was nothing public, even the speech, not to mention the property, or morality. They were are equal and free. Russo shows how to measure improvement skills and knowledge of rights, guns his work evolved social connections, the gradual formation originated social - family, nation. The period of withdrawal from the state of savagery, when a person becomes a social, continues to remain free, seemed to Rousseau "the happiest era.

Further development of civilization, in his view, it involves the appearance and increasing social inequality, or regression of freedom. The first time there is economic inequality. According to the doctrine, it was the inevitable consequence of the establishment of private ownership of land.At changing state of nature from this time comes the civil society. "First, who gardens land,invented to declare: "This is mine!" and found people rather simple-minded to believe that,was true founder of civil society. "With the emergence of private property is the division of society into rich and poor, between them flares fierce struggle. Rich, barely enjoy his position owners are beginning to think about the "enslavement of their neighbors."

At the next stage in public life appears inequality political.In order to protect yourself and your property, someone from rich was a cunning plan. He offered ostensibly to protect all members of society of mutual strife and attacks take legal statutes and a magistrates' court, ie establish a public authority. All agreed, thinking find freedom, and ran directly into fetters. " It was established state. At this stage inequality is complemented by a new - division of society into the ruling and Dependencies. Laws, according to Rousseau, irretrievably destroyed natural liberty, finally consolidated property, making "clever usurpation into an inalienable right", and for benefit a few "doomed since the entire human race to labor, slavery and poverty.

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