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Weapon against the feudal outlook was for educators and history, which they regarded as "a school of morals and politics." For education views on the history of the most characteristic of the following: the expulsion of Theology explain the historical process, a sharply negative attitude to the middle Ages, worship of antiquity, the belief in progress, the recognition regular character development, subject to certain "natural laws.

In the field of economy, most educators felt normal competition private interests, demanded the introduction of free trade, legal safeguards private property against feudal restrictions and arbitrariness. In accordance with the views of the entire system of the Enlightenment, with faith in the great transforming power of the mind is their special understanding of the problems education. They not only ruthlessly criticized remnants of the medieval system of education, but also introduced new principles in teaching science (Locke, Helvetius, Diderot, Rousseau and others) - the idea of a decisive impact on the environment education, natural equality of ability, should be consistent education of human nature, the natural abilities of the child, put forward requirements of real education.

Figures of the Enlightenment opposed the Christian religious morality with characteristic her idea of detachment from worldly ideas of the emancipation of the individual, individualistic theory of "rational egoism", morality, based on common sense. But in this same era, especially on the eve of the French Revolution, have been developed and other principles - the idea of a new citizenship demanded self-restraint of the individual. Welfare of the state, the republic is put above the good of the individual.

The ideology of the Enlightenment found expression in various art areas of literature, fine arts: educational Classicism, education realismsentimentalism. For writers of the epoch Education, seeks to bring literature to lifeturn its an important factor,transformative social rights. Literature Enlightenment have a demonstrated publicist Outreach beginning;she wore a high civic ideals, pathos approval positive hero, etc. Vivid images of art education literature given Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Beaumarchais in France; G. Mesing, JW Goethe, Schiller in Germany; C. Richardson, G. Fielding, T. Smollett, R. Sheridan in England and others.

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