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Rousseau is trying to build a "perfect religion". It takes faith in a supreme being who created the world, nature and man and endowed man heart and conscience. Religion that person must be a religion of the heart and clear conscience. Temple of the religion is the whole of nature and man himself. This religion alien to all artificial forms of worship, and it is a religion "Natural", free and deeply personal in nature feelings believers. It knows no dogma and a religion deeply intimate experiences of conscience and the heart of imagination. It requires only sincerity feelings, frankness and good deeds. However, it is a powerful force, opposing bad influences distorted civilization.

When deciding on the nature of the soul, the spirit of Rousseau in Christian theology recognized that the soul is immortal, that in the next world was waiting for her new life and to deserve a happy life after death, people should keep virtuous and honest way of life. This is the life of Rousseau and elevates to the rank of religion: "That's true religion, the only one not admitting any fraud or wickedness, or fatalism.Let him preach even more sublime religion, - I do not recognize any other. " But for the true religion, thinkers, there is no need to believethat a man marred from birththat it supposedly is the curse of original sin. Therefore, a man by nature must be good and perfect. "The tenets of civil religion - wrote Rousseau - should be simple, numerous, more accurately, without explanations and comments.

The existence of a deity powerful, intelligent, beneficent, prudent and careful, afterlife, the happiness of the righteous, punished the wicked, the sanctity of the social contract and the law - that the dogma positive. Do not be a fanatic, do not require other implicit compliance with the absurd rituals, and really do good - that's what should be meaning of the believer.

By the dogmas of civil religion in Rousseau made the following additions: no religion one nation, which excludes all other religions, should bear all religions that do not contradict the national debt. This is, basically, religious program Rousseau, naturally complements its moral and philosophical doctrine of man and nature. This religious program require all of the same return to nature, restore a sense of direct, intuitive her experience, dissolved itself in it and dissolving it in his own being. This program is a significant extent known by the French Revolution. The Jacobins, with their cult of the "supreme being" is opposed to the cult of reason and atheistic tendencies of "wild men", were headed by Robespierre, loyal disciples of Rousseau with his religion of virtue and sensibility.

Religious views of Rousseau, however, were not well defined: it is, then moved away from protestantanizma to Catholicism, then returned to the rejected doctrine that does not add credibility to his ideas.

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