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Today Russia is an issue of the need to develop effective forms of solidarity of citizens irrespective of their origin and status. The multinational nature of the Russian state was formed historically. In therefore seems important and promising treatment of Russian ethnic identity as a fellowship of citizens and the development of national state doctrine. It aims to unite the country's citizens and to determine basic guidelines for social development. However, a number of public figures and Scientists oppose the very idea of a nation-state doctrine.

Learning from other countries showsthere is also faced with similar problems and solved them without success. Of interest interpretation of American researchers term "civil religion" (civil religion). According to J. Wilson, "civil religion" is born in the midst popular life and manifests itself in commitment to the values and ideas, reflecting a everyday life fidelity national goals, morals and traditions of society. In fact, "civil religion" - a kind of interpretation of various beliefs in light of political experience.

Russia is going through the process of changing national and state symbols, Revival of old traditions and ceremonies. Skilful use of political symbolism attached to the perception of emotional charge of political knowledge, comprehension of historical achievements, awakens in the citizens a sense of pride their homeland. It is extremely relevant today in Russia the problem of using the media. There is an urgent need to improve the legislative framework in the media.

Need to revise the system of state secrets to the information openness in the society. Lack of reliable information leads to alienation power from society and fosters civic qualities personality. One of the main tasks in this direction is the dialogue between the government,civil society and the media. UnfortunatelyMedia more that focus sometimes negative phenomena (failure leadersscandals etc.), which forms a negative attitude toward politics and politicians, causes unhealthy skepticism, nihilism. It is difficult to expect real progress in developing a sense of civic duty and responsibility without increasing demands to the level of political culture.

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