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Revolution Rousseau recognized as one of its forerunners. Busts of him, along with busts heroes of antiquity,decorated with revolutionary clubs and halls of official meetings legislatures. His ashes were transferred to the Pantheon,individual episodes his life portrayed on the revolutionary stage. Sensitive phraseology Rousseau gave shade "sentimentalism" revolutionary speeches of speakers andin particular, Robespierre and Saint-Just, who thought of themselves and really were his ideological followers. Many socio-political concept Rousseau were the main points of the Jacobin political program. The "National Anthem Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Marie-Joseph Chenier, written in honor of transferring the ashes great writer in the Pantheon, a very well recorded perception and understanding Creativity Rousseau Jacobin revolution. Rousseau, "Emile each and freedom" glorified the revolution because it "from the ground, long enslaved. off shackles of evil forces, and freedom from the shackles of the firstborn rights released. France honors his memory, because he "carried the slaves to the gifts of freedom. drove the tyrants Kings, because he - "all the wise admonition, each mankind straight.

In honor of this "friend of mankind" revolutionary power and the Jacobin clubs staged public festivals, most plan which was borrowed from Rousseau. Their work, he anticipated by several decades the advanced democratic changes that have occurred in Europe in the late XVIII - beginning of XIX century. and continue to develop until now. Is enormous contribution to this great thinker of the French Enlightenment development and research of ideas of social equality, popular sovereignty and although in his works, he finds no permits many contradictions, has something that he raises these issues highlights the depth of thought of the philosopher.

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