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Types of referendums in Russia

In the politico-legal science typology of referendums carried on various grounds. You can imagine some of them.

  1. On the scale, coverage of a given territory emit nationwide referendum held within the entire state territory, and local, held in separate Subjects of the Federation or administrative-territorial units.
  2. In Depending on the subject distinguished constitutional and legislative referendums.

On the subject of the referendum also depends on the division of the latter on the electives and required.Optional referendum can be carried out, but you can not conduct. His appointment depends on the discretion of the authority competent call a referendum, or of the Constitution or the law other initiatives. In this case the subject of this type of referendum can be any issue or project the public decisions, except those the imposition of which a referendum is prohibited by the constitution or by law. Binding referendum held in those cases when otherwise solutions a particular issue can not be accepted. There are two of his varieties: absolutely binding referendum, when the referendum is necessary as one of the stages of formulation and approval specific solutions, and on a mandatory referendum, which provided as a compulsory means of dispute resolution between constitutional authorities on a particular issue.

In a special group of distinguished advisory referendums. It however noted that the essence of the consultative referendum largely contradicts nature of the referendum itself as the highest direct expression of power people are legally enforceable. This referendum is more accurately described consultation.

The right to propose to initiate a referendum of Russia depends on its type: in against the constitutional referendum, the Constitutional Assembly, in For other types of referendum-specific part of the electorate (At least 2 million citizens of Russia, who have the right to participate in the referendum, with provided that the territory of the RF subject lives no more than 10% of them). These actors can not act with a new initiative of referendum in the period between the referendum and the appointment of an official publication of its results. The only entity empowered to appoint a referendum to the President RF (article 84 of the Constitution).

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