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The ratio between the size of the state and strength must be such that land was enough to feed the inhabitants, and them as much as land can support."For if the earth too much, the protection of its painful, Processing - is insufficient, food surplus, the reason of future defensive wars. If the land is insufficient, the State, so that these things fill, is completely dependent on its neighbors, in this - reason for future offensive wars. Any nation which by its Status can choose only between trade and the war itself - weak people, it depends on the neighbors, it depends on the events, his existence is always unsecured and short-term.He wins - and changes its position, or obeys - and turns into nothing. It can preserve freedom only due to the insignificance of his or her greatness. "

Socio-political concept of Rousseau, outlined in The Social treaty ", basically its content back to the ideas of narodopravstve, which we encounter a number of French and English thinkers of XVIII century. So same as those ideas, it is an ideal projection of the future bourgeois-democratic state, based on perfect equality. Russoistskuyu concept of Hegel in his Lectures on the Philosophy of History "proclaimed the highest expression of the principle of the sovereign authority of the public will. But at the same time, Rousseau was the first critic of the bourgeois-parliamentary state with a representative system. He sees in the people's representatives constitutional states possible usurpers will of the people, interfering implementation of consistent democracy, ie direct narodopravstva. It has been justly observed that the theory of the state in Rousseau, the essentially a theory of revolution. And, really, "Public contract "had a great revolutionary significance and remained almost the largest monument of political thought the French bourgeoisie in the ways of to the revolution and the Jacobin dictatorship of 1793-1794 GG Jacobins found here formulate all the basic principles of its policy, until theoretical justification of revolutionary terror. "Social Contract" was called "the gospel of the Revolution, becoming a handbook of Robespierre. It product later had a significant impact on Constitution United States of America.

Thus, the "Social Contract" was the most complete exposition socio-political and state-law doctrine of Rousseau. Since most force in this work has been a trend russoistskoy thoughts marry limits of the norms of bourgeois thinking.With the greatest force Rousseau put here number of questions, the correct solution of which led to the denial of class society and the establishment of a socialist society.

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