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Due to the profound socio-economic and political changes happening in Russia today, there is a problem of resocialization - very acute problem. This is due primarily to the fact that, as noted political psychologists LY Gozman and EB Shestopal, resocialization "Involves not just the development of new social niches, and retraining that been firmly assimilated in childhood and adolescence, and that was the basis of this personality ". In this re-socialization passes with great difficulty.Each age group requires its approach. In addition, many problems arise because of ideological reasons. New democratic values, acquiring official status, duly not systematized and are not transmitted properly from the political system to personality.


Harness the political culture - which means to study politics, because politics and is a manifestation of culture, to become an active participant in the political life, to form a political consciousness and identity, to master political thinking. The purpose of the process of political socialization - to ensure uninterrupted a political system with a generational change in politics and contribute to the formation of a citizen who does not fluctuate political situation and ready himself to take decisions on important issues. However, the process of socialization as the development of human political culture really feasible only if the interest therein of the political regime, leading political forces and with a truly democratic climate in society. At the time the socio-political system in Russia are complicated and changing requirements in the process of political socialization, which carried out in secondary and higher education (the process is fundamental to the socialization).

For all those reasons I would like to add that today, if our the state is interested in educating literate citizens interested in nurturing a culture, it should make the main emphasis on family support and education. Because the family is at the same time and so what keeps the strong state. Ie ensured a stable political system.

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