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The process of socialization has always attracted my attention in social psychology and social pedagogy. And I'm bound to him face due to the fact that "Socialization is a key concept in these disciplines. When choosing topics abstract, I do not hesitate to come from for this theme. Since first encountered the notion of "political culture" and, as a rule, with few people know. The notion of "political culture" attracts the fact that today difficult to say that our society can be characterized as politically sensitive. Today Russia is building a civil society, and it is not possible without the formation of liberal-democratic model of political Culture citizen, without making the Russians active life position, without their awareness of their involvement in the events in the country.

Citizens, however, are not born, they become as a result of prolonged interaction with the outside world, the perception of its norms, values, traditions. In his lecture, I tried to understand how these two concepts disclosed and how they are interrelated.

The notion of "political culture"

Among the foreign and Russian social scientists are no uniform approach to interpretation of both the categories of political culture and its structure, components, contents, functions, etc. Here there is a wide range of opinions, definitions and formulations.

The way the concept of appropriate on the basis pre understanding the more general concept - culture. The term is of Latin origin, and its original meaning - the cultivation, education, training, development, respect. In a philosophical encyclopaedia dictionary culture is defined as "a specific way of organizing and development human activity, presented in the products of the material and spiritual labor in a system of social norms and institutions, spiritual values, combined men's relations to nature,each other and to ourselves. Culture is a collection of material and spiritual values,and how they creation,which reinforce and are passed from generation to generation achievements of people in various areas of public life.

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