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The political importance of the Institute of the referendum is that with his help citizens acquire the possibility of effective influence on the formation of policies of state and other authorities, and the latter, in turn, - An opportunity to compare their solutions with the opinion of the people or its individual parts. However, attention should be paidthat its political and democratic function of a referendum can only be done with an agreed legislation. Nevertheless,often regional laws contrary to federal law, which is why there are gaps and conflicts of law. It should be noted and that has not yet adopted a law on local referendums, which would be significantly helped organize local legislation.

More acute problem attached marked lack of agreement between the authorities of the Federation and the federal authorities with decision to hold a nationwide referendum on joint reference. In addition, from local authorities in many respects depends on the psychological factor, which determines, ultimately, a bunch of people vote or not.

In addition, the legal nature of the legal acts adopted by referendum and the public authorities, is the same - they are the fruits Public-power activities and embody the will of the people of the state - The supreme holder of power. This implies that the mechanism for implementing decisions of the referendum and the responsibility for their failure should be the same as prescribed theory and legal reality.

Only people with the assimilation of democratic values essential democratic institution of the referendum will play an increasingly important role in the formation and development of a democratic constitutional state in Rossii1. Today is the improvement of legislation on referendums, in Russia, and as practice shows, the institution of referendum is widely used, and so is the formation and development of a democratic state and the role and place in this referendum is great.

Moreover, in a democratic state with a well-developed political culture and citizen initiative is not seen (Soon, and may not be) complete unanimity in the election. The meaning of elections is not to demonstrate the supposed consensus among all citizens and social strata, which has never, except for emergency situations, can not be - made in the development of society and to ensure that everyone can express their will, and state power, be organized and operate in accordance with This will. After a fight in the elections, therefore, ultimately, achieved stability and order in public life.

As soon as the election is a struggle and contested, they have element of play and excitement. This is understandable, because the citizens involved in elections, are faced with the need not only to identify their interests in accordance with his proposed programs of political parties, but to show sympathy or antipathy for a particular candidate. During election campaigns usually observed rise in emotional activity people, sometimes accompanied by all sorts of excesses. In developed societies, thus develop a certain standard of political behavior, substantiated by the relevant requirements of the law. Elections wreak accumulated a certain part of the population dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities, they offer the only possible way of democratic authorization contradictions in society, excluding the physical clash of people and the way imposition of the majority opinion of the minority or individual politicians. Elections Thus, this is a unique celebration of all people, if they believe in democracy and seek to gain equitable rule.

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