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Russia has always played a big role the army. It is multifaceted and generally was productive activities of the various military and sports military-patriotic organizations, which in varying degrees were involving millions of people.The Army is obliged to play a role in educating sense of citizenship, patriotism, devotion to their homeland. With active participation of military units in the country recovering from the military-historical clubs. Series Politicians said the need to revive the system of military-patriotic education.Reforming the army, not to use it in resolving internal conflicts, resort to the heroic past of the country, the images prominent local commanders, numerous examples of infinite courage of the defenders of the Fatherland - all this must play a positive role. It is important that as a result of military transformation - from soldier to the marshal - feel fully-fledged citizens of their country, bearing responsibility for its destiny.

Russian Orthodox Church has clearly defined its place in society. The Church refused to participate in politics - it tends to rise above political struggle and strife, to focus on solving problems spiritual and moral regeneration of society. It meets a lively response in the minds and hearts. At present, a tense search for the optimal model of relations between the State and religious associations. Not surprisingly, around the draft Law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations" in summer 1997 years a fierce debate.Obviously, in modern conditions, when country for decades has been virtually lost the living tradition of mass religious activities, there is a need to address the world experience.

Stop on the Soviet model of the relationship of church and state is no necessary.In most European countries by all means try support the historic faith of citizens, well aware of the dependence between traditional religion and statehood, clearly aware that from spiritual unity to a large extent depends on the power of the state. This For example, countries such as Greece, Ireland, Sweden, England, Spain, etc. In the United States all religious organizations are excluded from social life in the background religious neutrality of the state. But this does not mean exclusion Church and society. As the American scholar J. Wilson, "The formal separation of church and state is not the actual". Moreover, in the U.S. has a social and even political, partnership State and religious communities, especially Protestants. American State considers religion as a means of maintaining social order and consensus in society. The words "In God We Trust" ("We rely on God"), appeared in 1865 on U.S. banknotes, became a national motto.Many political and religious leaders are actively pursuing the idea that to be a believer - it means to be a good citizen and participate in religious activity is a sign of inclusion in the political system of the country. At local level in the church assets are mostly middle- class, actively preached the basic values of American society and interested in maintaining its stability.

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