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Political culture has a strong orientation social actors on the political system and the performance of the authorities, but a lack of participation in the operation of the system. Carriers poddannicheskoy political culture are aware of the existence of specialized political institutions that are relevant to them negatively or positively, but not inclined to participate in political activities.From the central government subjects in this case expect any orders or goods.

The activist, or civic, political culture characterized by a strong orientation to the existing political system and active participation in the political life of society.Carriers such a culture interested not only in that they give the political system, but also in to play an active role in ensuring the functioning of its institutions. By the power they are not only in terms of the need to subordinate its regulations and decisions, but in terms of the need of their participation in the processes formulate, adopt and implement these decisions. In view of these features of type of political culture it is called also the culture of participation. From the mixing elements of these three pure types occur even three political culture: patriarchal poddannicheskaya, poddannichesko-activist and patriarchal-activist. These Mixed types of political culture, according to Almond and Verba, predominate in history of different societies.

In any society, along with the political culture there are different political subculture. In the literature, subculture is viewed as set of political orientations, which differ considerably from the orientation, dominant in the society.This is about the peculiarities of political cultures of various socio-demographic and professional groups. Thus, distinguish between the political subculture of youth, women, intellectuals, creative elite, employees of the state apparatus, village, urban, ethnic subculture, etc.Features of each of these of political subcultures due to differences of social groups in economic and social structure of society, as well as ethnic, racial, religious, educational, age and sex and other characteristics.

The presence in society a number of political subcultures may source of destabilization of the socio-political life. Sometimes individual sub-cultures are so different from the general political culture that can regarded as independent counterculture. Stability Society promotes the unity of its political culture. Apparentlyunreal is the task of overcoming a plurality of political subcultures. But can and should strive for compatibility between different subculturesto agreement by all social groups on the basic questions of society.

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