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In Montesquieu's idea of mutual deterrence separate and contrasting each other authorities Rousseau saw undesirable extremes that lead to their hostile relations, give strength to private influence or even lead to fragmentation of the state. Rejecting the idea of separation of powers in the treatment Montesquieu, author of The Social Contract, "however, recognizes the need separation of government functions and separation of bodies representing a within its competence, the state power.Rousseau sees the fundamental distinction between legislative and executive branches.

The Legislature had closely associated with sovereignty. This is - will all sovereign nation and therefore should govern general issues concerning all.People who disobeys the law to become their creator. But "as can blind a crowd, which often does not know what she wants, because rarely knows that in her favor, she commit so great and so difficult, as establishing a system of laws? "To harmonize the laws of the will and mind, had the wisdom, need a "leader", ie legislatoris merely agent will, and give it complete legal force. "The legislator - in all respects a remarkable man in the state. This - not the Judiciary; it is not - the sovereignty. That - and a special position,has nothing common with the power of man. For if he who commands the people, should not power over the laws, and the one who rules over the laws, nor should povilivat people. Otherwise, it implements the laws of his passions, often only increased to having committed injustice;He never could have been avoided that private interests do not distort the sanctity of his consciousness. Rousseau recognizes that those who formulated the law, knows better than anyone how the law should be enforced and interpreted. It would seem, therefore, not may be a better polity than that in which the power executive connected with the legislature. Nevertheless, the author concludes, that in order to avoid the influence of private interests on public affairs need to the transformation of the law, as a general rule, the acts of individual character had a special government (or executive) power.

The executive branch "as the force of the body politic" is set decision of a sovereign nation, and therefore only acts as his trusted servants. People Directs the implementation of the specific power authorized personswhich must act in strict accordance with the law and subject to vigilant monitoring by the supreme legislative power. Moreover, the powers of the executive disappear by themselves,as people legitimately assembled as a sovereign for the conduct of its Affairs.

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