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But such a great legislator, says Rousseau, is the founder of the state, and no magistracy or sovereign. Activities such extraordinary legislator educates the people and prepare the necessary ground for its own performing as a legislator. Legislative power Rousseau characterizes as the "heart of the State". Do not State laws quickly - he writes - and the legislature. Law adopted yesterday, is not binding today, but the silence implies acquiescence, and it is considered that the sovereign constantly confirms laws, if he did not cancel, being able to do it. "

In cases of extreme danger, when it comes to saving the state system and the fatherland, "You can suspend the laws of the sacred power" and a special act to put concern for public safety "worthy", ie, to establish a dictatorship and to elect a dictator. This Rousseau emphasized short-term nature of this dictatorship, which in no case shall be extended.

His teachings about the law as an expression of common will and the legislature as inalienable prerogative of national sovereignty, its concept social contract and principles of organization of the state Rousseau had huge impact on the subsequent development of state-legal thought and socio-political practices. His doctrine was one of the main ideological sources in the preparation and conduct of the French Revolution, especially its Jacobin phase.

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