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Origin of Inequality

One of the central issues in the problem of human freedom and social relationship Rousseau considers the question of the origin of inequality. Appearance Property makes a person to part with his freedom, which its very nature, and solgasno to the concept, is inalienable. The thing that human nature itself has already occurred fracture.Inequality people - a product of a number of coups that has transformed human nature, "just like to establish slavery, had to make violence against nature, and in order to perpetuate the right of slavery, it was necessary to change the nature "(Rousseau Jean Jacques, Treatises, p.45). Rousseau establishes a direct link appears conceited rational I passionately defending their isolation, with the emergence of private property. In a society that is exposed by the author of the Discourse on inequality "withering criticism, I personally bears alien humanity characteristic of his substraktu - property.

For Rousseau, it is obvious that modern man is in intensive variance with is that in its actual existence is not a fact, than must be in its essence, it is not equal to itself, because there is inequality between people. The need to establish equality Rousseau put forward as a political demand of time and justifies his results of the study of origin and the stages of deepening inequality, disclosure laws of its development and historical trends to Self.

The philosopher distinguishes between natural and social inequality: the nature of people creates different, but these differences did not cause social inequality - it reason is private property. Rousseau sees three reasons for inequality: First, this inequality is public;Secondly, it has emerged historically, and thirdly, it is associated with the emergence of private property. Private property occurs at the transition of mankind from natural state to the public, ie is a product of civilization. From the perspective of Rousseau, hitherto political system is not meet the requirement pravosoobraznosti, it was not based on contract free and equal, and the violence and oppression, so, despite all the work wisest legislators, remained imperfect - it was bad with outset.

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