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Hence it is clear that a distinction between the legislative and executive power, Rousseau in any case does not allow the independence of government from people's legislators. With regard to the judiciary, Rousseau takes her much less attention, but stressed rigorous coupling of laws, while at the same time emphasizing its necessary organizational self-respect as a legislator, and the government.

Rousseau believes that the balance of power in the spheres of the state, their concerted effort must be provided no separation or them against each other, not through mutual checks and balances balances, as suggested by Montesquieu, and thanks to the predominance of the supreme legislature, which embodies the sovereignty of the people. Any government, any system of laws should provide citizens with a maximum freedom and equality. "To freedom - because any dependence on the private person so also reduces power of the state;equality, because liberty can not exist without him. " Rousseau does not insist on some form governments. He considers, for example: Republican- democratic structure fit only for small national areas, such as his native Geneva;for medium-sized states, he prefers an aristocratic republic, and for States and large powerful - the monarchy. In all these cases, for Rousseau is important, not form, and essence of power, its nature and character of its relations with the public. Already 1755In his article "On the political economy of Rousseau wrote:" Do not belong all the benefits of society, only one powerful and rich? Is not it one take-all profitable places, all the advantages and benefits of taxes? Really noble man does not remain almost always go unpunished, when he deceives its creditors or commit other fraud? Is bastinado.

Is it commits violence, even the crimes and murders- Is all thingswho hide behind the veil of Christian love and which six months are no longer talking about? . Will get to it on the road a cart - servants are ready to beat man to death, and fifty respectable pedestrians, going about their business, but rather should allow the move itself, than to delay crew vile sloth. It is not similar to this situation the poor! More humanity should it, the less it gives him the rights.Before it closed all doors, even when he has the right to open them, and if he asks sometimes justice, it is very hard for him than if somebody else sought his favor. Oh, of course, he always give first place, when it talking about barshchina or supply of recruits.In addition to his own burden, he is also the burden of his neighbor. If he is rich enough to know and to get rid of this burden, Every misfortune that happens to him. He left alone. But I think the poor man died when he was so unhappy that He has an honest heart, a beautiful daughter and another powerful neighbor! " All the ruling classes Rousseau opposes both the best and worthiest social class - the class of the peasantry. In agriculture, he sees a "natural born Labour, the only truly necessary and most useful.

"Writers, writers, philosophers have continually cry, as if to perform duty citizen and to serve family can only be living in big cities, they opinion, not to love Paris - then hate the human race, in their eyes country people - nothing. "

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