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Government, whatever it may be in form - a democratic, aristocratic or monarchical should be under constant and unceasing surveillance of the people. Every government temporarily, and can be lifted people whose behalf it acts. "Guard executive - says Rousseau - did not gentlemen of the people,and his officials, that he can appoint and dismiss them whenever he likes,that They are dealt with. how to obey, and that,taking on the job duties which the State imposes on them,they only perform their duty as a citizen, without in any way the right to discuss terms. "To prevent the possibility of capture by the Government of the supreme authority of Rousseau recommends that often convene public meetings and put before them the question: Do people want to preserve this form of government and of people, standing in head of state, people can at any time to cancel even the agreement on which founded the state: "there is no ground in the State of law which can not be canceled, not excluding even the public agreement. For if all citizens had gathered to terminate this agreement with the general agreement, there is no doubt that it would be quite legally terminate. Anyone can renounce States, a member of which he is, and once again return to his natural freedom and his property, if the leave the country. But it would be absurd to all citizens, gathered together, could not have done something that can make each of them separately.

But, having sovereign rights in the state, nation, for its part undertakes to respect the rights belonging to him and at the same time, to be faithful known established principles of religion, morals and welfare;doubt these principles and their violation is a crime against the public good. Those citizens who refuse to obey the general will and do not perform their civic responsibilities, can and should be forced by society to obedience.Society "compels them to be free", even with the death penalty.

Hence there is another argument in favor of property: only property provides a reliable guarantee of the citizens in the performance of their obligations under social contract, ie in carrying out their laws. It should be notedthat Rousseau attached great importance to the size of the state and population. It is believedthat a small nation on more large,since at large distances, management becomes difficult and burdensome because of the increased levels of power, one and the same laws can not be equally suitable for its various parts, For example, because of the completely opposite climatic conditions. 'People have at least - further explains Rousseau - will be able to feel affection for their rulers, whom he never sees, for the fatherland, which in his his eyes are as boundless as the whole world, and to his fellow citizens, the majority from which to him by strangers. "

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