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The general principles of organization of the referendum RF include:

  1. The referendum held throughout Russia;
  2. In through a referendum is a universal and equal direct expression of citizens of Russia during their secret ballot;
  3. Realized freedom of expression of citizens;
  4. Activity public authorities and local government, specially authorized to prepare and Referendum on the basis of the principles openness and transparency;
  5. The language of the referendum are recognized Russian as State and national languages of the republics, as well as languages RF peoples in their compact residence;
  6. Referendum funded through federal budget;
  7. Regulatory framework of the referendum is constitution, FKZ "On referendum Russia" and other corresponding federal laws;
  8. The principle of responsibility for violation legislation on the referendum, RF;
  9. Pravoprepyatstvuyuschimi facts excluding an referendum are: a) the conditions of military or Emergency provisions imposed on the entire territory of Russia, as well as the 3-month period after its cancellation, b) within one year from the date of official publication results of the referendum is not allowed to carry out secondary referendum with the same in content or meaning of the words question.
The referendum RF conducted in several stages.
  1. A commission - the bodies authorized to providing training, conducting and determining the outcome referendum that is their main function. The law specified 4 level of these organs: the Central Commission of the referendum RF (CEC RF), Commission of the RF subjects to hold a referendum territorial commissions and the commissions.
  2. Creates plots referendum. Their functionality is to provide citizens with the right to participate in referendum on the territorial principle in order to ensure voting and vote counting.
  3. Draw up lists of voters - citizens eligible for participate in the referendum of Russia - on plots of the referendum.
  4. A campaigning and advocacy. Implementation of campaign is prohibited on the day of the referendum and preceding day.
  5. Actually the procedure for referendum includes procedure for voting, counting and determining the outcome.
Publication of the results of the referendum shall be held not later than 3 days after definition. Publication is subject to the decision, as well as the outcome vote for the whole of Russia, as well as for each RF subject.In the case of recognition Referendum held its decision to enter into force on the day publication.

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