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The formation of the association, called the social contract involves free entry into contractual relations, equality of all individuals and adoption of basic laws, which would represent common interests. Community interests - this, according to Rousseau, the very real background. Each Association members voluntarily gives himself - his personality and all the forces in benefit the collective whole. Terms and conditions are equal for all, each, subjecting themselves all, not subjected himself to each separately. Everyone becomes an integral part of the whole. Appears I have some general receiving through an act of the union- tion their unity, their lives and freedom.

For Rousseau, in contrast to, for example by Holbach, the substrate is a common will people. People decide on the usefulness of laws, according to their overall free will, decides to vote, or not to be such laws. Feature view Rousseau, which does not agree then none of the Enlightenment, was that every decision, even the most useful and wise, prescribes that whatever the population not engaged in the discussion and voting will not by law but only by order. To the general will become law, no need for unanimity, but it is necessary that all citizens have opportunity to submit their votes. On the other hand, Rousseau consistently adheres to the understanding of the common will as the inseparable unity, integrity, different from the sum of several wills: "Often there is a considerable difference between the will of all and the common will. This second yea only common interests, the first - the interests of private " (J.-J. Rousseau, treatises, s.170).Fields of action one way or the other strictly delimited: "Like this, like a private will can not represent the will of general and common will, in turn, changes its nature, if it directed to a private purpose, and can not be as common to decide either against any man, or in respect of any fact "(Rousseau JJ, treatises, s.173).

Political life is constituted by Rousseau in the isolated, abstracted yourself from the privacy of individuals independent sphere. For someone like substantive political voice of the private interest in public life should silent. Resolving the problem without external compulsion should be to overcome discord in the soul of each individual through the victory of one party identity over the other side - winning the public over the private papers of Each consciousness. Just forget about yourself, man finds himself, finds as a social being I have his social opposite private Ya The adoption of the social contract means and the adoption of harsh school of education free citizens. Being a free citizen assumes that the citizen consent to all laws, even those taken against his desire, and even those that punish him if he dares to violate them. The fact that these provisions are not confirmed by the experience of the Great Utopia French Revolution, which liberated the political spirit from the shackles of the mixing it with the civil, that is private, life, and highlight it as a sphere of generality, general national affairs, as something that exists independently of specific elements of private life.

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