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It is extremely important for the political socialization of school. Recently decade to be formed for many years, the school system and out of school been destroyed. Little remains of children's clubs, studios.Practically inactive once massive children's and youth organizations involved previously patriotic upbringing of young generation. Millions of children have been on their own. Into this vacuum has created a lack of supervision and street children and adolescents, has led to the monstrous increase in crime, to drug use among adolescents (according to statistics, among young children school age), etc. All this has caused a serious thought to have arisen problems.Here and there already restored the activities of children and youth organizations. Reviving the tradition of scouting. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Army units began to operate the military and sports military-patriotic camp, including for troubled teens. Leaders children's organizations, teachers, educators in the camps have a considerable influence on the formation of the child. In this socialization carried out in school, among peers, can vary greatly from home education. As a positive experience in the formation of the younger generation civic qualities should be noted that the new textbooks issued by public disciplines, the school introduced a course "Civics".

Political science has already accumulated considerable experience on the effectiveness political socialization of children. It is proved that the obtained knowledge of a child policies have a significant impact on future attitudes and political behavior of individuals, and hence a political system society as a whole. Already as a child develops different personal attitude to politics - either as a process of struggle for domination, during which acceptable variety of methods and means and possible concessions in matters moralityeither as a law-abiding behavior and the legitimacy of (And possibly the formation of an apolitical person).

Education reform involves changing the content and structure the humanities in schools and universities.However, new values and norms are not occur only under the influence of new textbooks and curriculum. Result in largely depends on the composition of teachers and educators, as they Most carriers are still the old Soviet political culture. Most adults reproduces political orientations obtained childhood. And the teachers are not exception. The process of changing orientations of political socialization system Education is mostly spontaneous. And consequently increases the contribution of other channels of political socialization.

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