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The right to be elected to the State Duma have citizens who have reached 21 years to be elected president, have reached 35 years, subject ten-year residence in the territory of Russia. Subjects may establish residency requirement. Presidential elections are conducted on a single federal electoral district, includes all the territory of the country.In the State Duma is elected 450 MPs, among them 225 - in single-member districts (one district - one member) 225 - on the federal electoral district, in proportion to the number votes cast for the federal lists of candidates put forward by electoral associations and blocs. In the first case is selected personality and the second - the party.

In the RF operates a mixed electoral system. In single-member districts elections are carried out on the basis of relative majority system majority.In federal district selection is conducted on the proportional principle. Pretty hard quantitative requirements are set at the stage campaign. Thus, a candidate for a seat in the Duma must collect at least 200 thousand, and for the presidency - at least 1 million signatures of supporters with one subject of the Federation shall carry not more than 7% of the required the total number of signatures or pay a monetary pledge.

If these "millionaires" would be few and not one of them fails bring in 1 round more than half of voting electorate, the no later than 15 days after the counting of votes is appointed the second round in where the fight ends with the election fight of two candidates obtaining greatest number of votes in the first round.


Freedom of choice is a critical factor predictive improving human normal spiritual and moral development each individual. As rightly noted by English political theorist liberalism, J. Mill, whose ideas and still determine the development constitutional law, a person's ability to understand, judge, to distinguish what good and bad, mental activity and even moral evaluation subjects practiced only when a person makes a choice. This should explained by the fact that politically active citizens referendum - it is a normal requirement and the opportunity to express their position.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation declares and establishes the sole source of authority, the multinational people of Russia and recognizes him complete supreme authority, defines a mechanism for its implementation, where the leading situation is a direct expression of the people (direct rule), and the highest manifestation is the referendum and elections.

That demonstrates a change in the priority forms of People belonging to him the state power in favor of direct democracy. It should define the role and significance of the referendum as the brightest forms of direct expression of the will of the people. Some results, we note that today, when the credibility of the Democracy in Russia has been undermined, when "there is no consensus on whether parliamentary democratic organization of power in the best Russian conditions 1, when the low level of legal culture, when inadequate legislation and weak economic base of society, can speak clearly about the role of referendums in the process of formation and development democratic state of law in Russia.

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