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Just as the culture defines and prescribes certain forms and rules of conduct in various spheres of life and life situations, political culture defines the attributes to the standards of conduct and rules of the game in the political sphere. Political culture gives an individual guidelines political behavior, and the group - "the systematic structure of values and rational argument ".

It provides guidelines on political behavior, political norms and ideals, to ensure the unity and interrelation of institutions and organically giving unity and integration of the political sphere, just as national culture attaches integrity and cohesion public life in general. Political culture can be characterized as value-normalized system, which is shared by the majority of the population. It includes basic beliefs, attitudes, orientations, symbols, addressed to the political system.

Political culture, as noted by political scientist J. Devine - a "historical system is widespread, fundamental behavioral political values, "which followed members of this socio-political system. Political culture in some sense necessary framework in which members of society accept the legitimacy of the existing form of government, feel competent.The framework in which beliefs, emotions, norms and values are manifested in the political process and political behavior, themselves by itself constitute an essential component of political culture. Centering element of political culture should be regarded as political outlook which forms part general outlook of the individual, a group or a social generality. Great influence on the nature of political orientation, preferences and dislikes of the people has prevailed in society, philosophical system products and value-regulatory systems, the fundamental views on human society and the world at large.

One of the most important factors in the formation, adoption and viability political culture is the legitimacy of the existing system and acting in any given period of political regime. Moreover, system of values, orientations, attitudes, stereotypes, constituting political culture, the central place occupied by elements capable build and maintain political system. The number of shared members society "positive" values determines the degree of consensus among its individual components, its stability and viability. But concentrating attention exclusively on shared beliefs attitudes and values is fraught with neglect of political opinion attitudes and values inherent in this or other social groups, acting a change in the status quo.

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