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In contrast to such a false, vicious and harmful to mankind direction of development of society and the state Rousseau develops his concept "A body politic as a genuine contract between the peoples and rulers. With the primary objective of genuine social contract, putting the beginning of society and the state and marks the transformation of crowds in sovereign people, and everyone - in a citizenHe sees the establishment "This form of association,which defends and protects all the obscheyu power person and property of each member of the association and through which eachconnected to all, subject, however,only himself and remains so as free as before ".

Anyone passing the common property and placing a single top management of the common the will of his personality and all their strength, becomes an inseparable part of the whole. The consequences of the social contract, according to Rousseau, as follows: "Immediately place individuals entering into a contractual relationship, this act of association creates conditional collective whole composed of so many members, how many votes has a general meeting. This is a whole receives as a result of such an act his unity, its common, I, my life and freedom.This person is a legal, may be produced, therefore, the merger of all the others, once was called the civilian community, but now is called Republic or body politic: its members call it Political State of the organism, when it is passive, Sovereign, when it is active, the powers - when comparing it to like him. That to association members, they collectively received the name of the people, and in individually named citizens as participants in the supreme power and subjects both obey the laws of the State ".

Russo grounded concept of social contract is generally common presentation of the state and law. The main idea of Rousseau is that only the establishment of the State political relations and laws related to the concept of public contract can justify - in terms of reason, justice and rights - transition from the natural state in civil. Such ideal Rousseau's presentation are in apparent contradiction with his own guesses about the role of private property and inequality in social relations and the resulting objective need to move to the state.

Already the first sentence of the Social Contract "-" Man born free, but everywhere he is in chains "- aims at finding a solution this contradiction with a focus on idealized features of "Golden Age" natural state (freedom, equality, etc.). This idealization natural state is dictated by the requirements of the ideal of Rousseau marital status, which should be in new (political) form to compensate the people what they claim to have had prior to the formation of the state and what they are, therefore, unfairly deprived of the conditions prevailing incorrect state. Thus, overestimation of the merits of the past gives russoistskoy doctrine appropriate high standards and scope for criticism present and future requirements. Incidentally, the same logic, but with opposing goals supporters of absolute monarchy, by contrast, argued that people are born powerless subjects.

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