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Egalitarian nature of Rousseau's views is most clearly manifested in the requirement wealth equality. Rousseau was aware that the political equality of citizens can not be achieved as there is social inequality. However, as ideologue of the peasantry, he was opposed to the socialization of private property. Addressing the philosopher saw that, to equalize the assets of citizens. The latter, as he imagined, must have more or less equal incomes. Rousseau believed that such an order is feasible while maintaining private ownership of small size, based on individual work.

The political conception of Rousseau had a tremendous impact on both public consciousness, and on developments in the Great French Revolution. The authority of Rousseau was so high that his ideas accessed from a variety of trends, ranging from moderate constitutionalists until supporters of communism.

Rousseau's ideas have also played an important role in the subsequent development of theoretical representations of the state and law. His social doctrine, as recognized by I. Kant and H.Hegel, served as one of the main theoretical sources German philosophy of the late XVIII - early XIX century. Its programs transition to a just society through radical restructuring of state government formed the basis of ideology of political radicalism. Making views Rousseau's theoretical doctrine was, from this point of view, turning event in the history of social political thought in the XVIII.

Alienated itself from the collective, united by common core units and the fundamental interests of the group educators XVIII century., embodiments of living, protesting, breaking and shaping the thoughts of XVIII century. It played great progressive role in the general ideological movement of his age. This sense, it can be called "mirror" of the French Revolution. He was a spokesman those thoughts and feelings, which found their consummate expression in Jacobinism with his plebeian ways to finish off the old order, with its cult of Spartan virtues, with its "sensitive" rhetoric.

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