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Election campaigns, regardless of the types of elections have the same stages whose boundaries are determined by the electoral laws.

They are as follows follows:

- Determining the date of the election;

- Nomination of a candidate, the formation of his team;

- The collection of signatures in support of the candidate;

- Registration of the candidate;

- Drafting of socio-psychological and political matrix of voters District;

- Development of the election program of the candidate and widely known to her voters;

- Establish an action plan outreach activities, meetings the candidate with the voters;

- Monitoring of the election campaign;

- Formation of a monetary fund candidates, mobilizing organizational hardware;

- Supervising the day of voting, rapid collection of information about During the voting;

- The final socio-political research.

The date of the elections to the central authorities, as a rule, determine Head of State, regional bodies, regional legislative assemblies. The central figure in the campaign is the candidate. In Russia granted the right to nominate candidates for political parties and movements, social organizations, groups of voters, collector certain number of signatures in support of a candidate or party list. Registration of candidates in the election campaign ends 40 days before election day. After the official nomination of their names entered in the special ballot. In this regard, of great importance for development of the electoral system was the introduction in the late XIX century, so called "Australian" ballot, would ensure the secrecy voting and reduce the possibility of falsifying election results. The candidate creates his own team. The practice of election campaigns shows that without an effective team work with all other favorable conditions Candidate hopes to win unrealistic.

Elections shall be conducted by public bodies: electoral commissions, executive bodies, courts, prosecution.They provide a compilation of voter lists, registration polling stations, printing of ballots, organizing a vote, rule of law, vote totals, the notice of voters election results. For serious policy unthinkable entry into the election campaign without analysis of both the needs of voters and their capabilities. Experience in election campaigns shows that no less important and the image of the candidate. Preliminary study constitute a psychological portrait of the future candidate in the opinion of voters.

Monitoring studies are usually held 3-5 times in the period between registration and voting day. They provide information about the readiness of voters participate in the election (if the desired number of voters will not participate in the elections (25% or 50%) in Russia, the election is invalid and the whole procedure of the election campaign restarted from the beginning), on Recognition of Candidate and its authority, the election of the content campaign of the candidate.

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