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Article 3 of the RF Constitution stipulates: "The highest direct expression of the power People are referendums and elections. "So what is the election and referendum that in the modern world and in Russia to call a political campaign? The answer to these questions and is this work. The role of elections in a democratic political system Elections are the most common and simple form of citizen participation in policy.Universal suffrage, direct and secret vote, open competition between parties for political power during the elections, along with freedom of speech, assembly, association, opinion, print, refer to the basics modern

Democracy 2

Elections - is the pervasive political phenomenon, but their real value in different countries varies considerably. Russian philosopher I. Ilyin noted that not all people and not always able to distinguish to power the best with the help of a popular election vyborov.1 Efficiency depends on a number of political, economic, social, psychological and other factors. To economic factors include the factors of property ownership, the level wages and welfare, employment, etc. People having the property, have everything to lose and to protect, so participation in the elections is essential for them during the transition period. However a stable environment well-being, satisfaction with the situation can be a factor as lack of participation.

The social factors include conditions such as the presence of a solvent The middle class, residence, family stability, respect for his work. Spiritual factors that shape such as a voter, as they political maturity, education, a sense of its historical- national community, respect for the law. Psychological factors include, a sense of collectivism, involvement in the affairs of society, a willingness to struggle to achieve the best living conditions of formation of active life position.

Among the political conditions necessary for democratic elections, allocate developed civil society with its structural institutions, development multiparty system, an established legal framework, historical traditions. Russian political culture is very specific.She is no stranger to the idea parliamentarism, personal freedom, characteristic of the West. But she also characteristic Asian qualities such as removal of politics from daily life, adherence to traditional norms, the strong influence of community, the Russian political Culture does not like the political struggle.She rejects the motion only to qualitative changes. Hence - Russian patience and time propensity to rebellion as a radical solution of problems in the shortest time.

The contradictory nature of Russian political subculture lies in the fact that commitment to democratic traditions combined with a messianic belief in the omnipotence of political leader. These conditions largely determine the practice of forming government bodies in Russia in recent years. There are still attempts to cancel election results.

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