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For arithmetic calculations in Rousseau is radical political problem, namely, the problem of harmonizing contradictory to each other interests (individuals, estates and society as a whole). In Public contract "proposed the following solution to this problem: if the laws will expression of common will, the government authorities do not have coordinate private and public interests. The participation of all citizens in legislature excludes decisions that would compromise individuals. "Subjects do not need a guarantee against sovereign power, since it is impossible to suppose that the body wanted to hurt everyone its members. "At the national sovereignty," respectively, there is no need to ensure that the supreme power was limited by natural rights of the individual. Its boundaries is a general agreement of citizens.

Rousseau refuses to philosophers in the right to dictate to the people what is good. Common benefit as the goal state, he said, it can be detected only majority. "The general will is always right" - claimed thinker. The people are not wrong about their interests, he just does not know how their right to express, to compare different views, etc. The task of policy therefore, is not to educate people and to teach citizens clearly and accurately express his thoughts. In this regard, the first pores in the transition to the new system will require a wise legislator, which is to reveal to the people of his own interests and to prepare citizens to the exercise of sovereign power.

National sovereignty is, according to the teachings of Rousseau, two features - it inalienable and indivisible. Proclaiming the inalienability of sovereignty, by "Social contract" denies a representative form of government and Encourages the implementation of legislative powers by the people, all the adult male population of the state. The rule of the people is also reflected in the fact that he is not bound by previous laws, and any time the right to change even the conditions of the original contract.

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