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Jung argues that the absolute state in which the individual seeks salvation from its growing social and psychological isolation, in actually leads to the destruction of any balance of individuality. Man no longer accepts any important decisions, "instead of managed, it is fed, clothed, educated as a social unit. " Thus, the destruction of individuality is the payment for the psychological Comfort, which provides people with a strong identification with the state. C destruction of the old political system collapsed and the usual channels political socialization.

It is known that the education of the citizen - the basis of a democratic system. In its work "The Third Wave: Democratization in the late 20 th century" (1991) S. Huntington drawn to the role of elites in the democratization of the country. In one variant of the transition plays a major role - the ruling elite, in the other - the opposition, in the third - joint action of elites and counter-elites . Thus, we see that the famous scientist has a key role in the transition period Political leaders representing the country's political elite.I think Huntington did not take account of the main obstacles to overcoming the division - the state the political culture of the population. The intransigent opposition of subcultures various segments of the population is exceptionally dangerous for the future of the country. When you change, transformation of the political system radically changed and political socialization. True is the converse assertion that successful transformation of the political system provided an effective socialization. U. Rosenbaum highlights the thesis that all governments controlled institutions of socialization. Their goal is to create a mass political culture that is compatible with the regime. And when this is achieved, then preserve this culture. If in a society undergoing great changes (eg communist regime into a non-communist), the elite upgraded and seeks to reorient political culture through education reform in New ideals and values, in the hope of providing such of a political order of .

We have to note that the Russian government very inconsistent monitor the process of political socialization. "Education and instruction begins with the earliest years of existence and continues until the end of life "- Plato wrote. The same we find in F. La Rochefoucauld: "We are entering a different age of our life, just newborns, without any experience behind him, however much we may be years. "From your parents, children receive their first lessons of political knowledge and behavioral, gain a sense of love for his native land. "Love home begins with family, "- noted English philosopher Francis Bacon.

In Russia the family as a social institution is going through difficult times. Transmission from one generation to the socio-political experience, the basic rules and values in a time of transition takes place particularly painful. Among middle-aged and older generation is dominated by former value-political orientations,traditional stereotypes of the political thinking and behavior,inevitably come into conflict with many aspirations and attitudes of the younger generation. Youth with its inherent maximalism seeks to escape from under the authority of the father and the family,and in society. The younger generation is better adapted to new socio-political realities, and cleavage generations. The stability of the socio-political development country is possible only in combination of innovations and traditions as interconnected parties cultural society.Otherwise, Russia will once again go through national tragedy.

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