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Jean-Zh.Russo made for its time with a radical political agenda, leitmotif of which was the idea of a democratic organization of state life through the "social contract",approving "the kingdom of reason" and ensuring popular sovereignty. Social Contract appears when when the human race would have died not changed it's lifestyle. It is based on a common will, as a result of which "each member becomes inseparable part of the whole. The transition from the "natural state" to the civil rights changes, but This award its many advantages: a, it creates a "Restricted animal intelligent creature - man." But the man in marital status becomes moral freedom, "because the act only under the influence their desire to have slavery, and to obey the law, which you set for himself, there is freedom ".

And in this regard, it should be noted that Rousseau is now making the accent on the "right", which he did not recognize any of those who made his first retreat - without the consent of other people, nor for those who relied on the later so-called right strong.The Social Contract - Rousseau explains, - set between citizens is equality, whereby all of them, assuming commitments, subject to the same conditions and all should enjoy equal rights ".

Any government that has to be the general will, must be based on laws. "Social contract - writes Rousseau - we have given a political body existence and the life it comes to using the law inform him of the movement and give the will. "

According to Rousseau, sovereignty, inalienable, one and indivisible. Therefore, he criticize the idea of separation of powers, Montesquieu, and those politicians who "Shared sovereignty in its manifestations." They are, as Rousseau notes, share it on the strength and the will, the power of the legislative and executive power; the right to levy taxes, administer justice, to wage war, to control internal affairs and the authority to conduct foreign relations, and they then mixed all these parts, it separates them from each other;They are made from the sovereign for some fantastic creature, made up of parts taken from different places. From the of Rousseau, the rights that are often mistaken for part of the sovereign, at the to all subordinate to him, and always implies a higher will, the hegemony of the supreme power, which can not be divided without destroying. "If all power in the hands of one man - writes Rousseau - then a private will and will corporate fully connected and, therefore, the latter achieves the highest degree of strength as it just may have.Most active of the Government is a one-man rule. "

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